"Being a part of the NextLEVEL 24 program feels like being a part of a close very close family. When you are on this team everybody ride and dies together and as one, there is no individuality. Coach Anna, Coach Kent, the coaching staff and trainers all push you to work hard through positive motivation and support. They’re always there when you need something and answer any questions you have.

Lastly, NextLEVEL 24 is an organization that believes in you as player and in your abilities which helps to achieve  your goals and dreams."

Karl Polk  

North Park University                                                                                                                                                                                                    

NextLEVEL 24 Is Family 

“Next Level 24 Basketball” is a family. From skills trainer/coach Jason Kent to his wife and partner, Anna Kent, all the way through their children and staff. I truly want to thank you for all that you’ve done for my family and I. From recruiting and skill enhancement on the court to mentoring off... Coach Kent has helped mold me into the player and more importantly, person, I am today. From a basketball standpoint, Coach Kent has helped me elevate my game and maximize my abilities through innovative and efficient workouts and training techniques along with film sessions. Both, Jason and Anna Kent are second to none in regards to basketball knowledge and experience, and truly know what it takes to play at the highest level. If you are looking to take your game to the “next level,” get in touch with Coach Jason Kent.” 

Evan Yerkes
University of Missouri Men's Basketball 


"Training in the gym with coach Kent isn't a chore or a job or a responsibility like we are all used to. It's a sanctuary. It's a home. Stepping back on to the court this summer was more difficult for me than I would like to admit after having two rough seasons at my previous university. Being in the gym holding a basketball felt wrong. Honestly, it felt terrible. I hated Wilson and Spaulding more than anything. I hated the way the gym smelt. I hated the way the backboard looked against a red rim. I hated everything about the game. Until I came back home and got to train with coach Kent. He restored my love for basketball. He made the sweat worth it and listened through the tears. I came back in the best shape I've ever been in. I came back with more confidence than I've ever had. My skills and fundamentals were restored because of him and as a result, so was my confidence and love for the game. Next level is more than a basketball training program, and it's a damn good one at that. But it's a family. It's a safe place to be vulnerable with a ball and mess up and make mistakes and cry so that when you step under the lights and under the pressure when it really counts, you'll know you're ready to perform."

Molly Franson 

University of Tampa 

“Our son, Johari Dix is entering his senior year of high school, knowing that this is a crucial year for his basketball skill development in preparing for college we wanted him to have the best training available.  We found that in Coach Jason Kent and his Next Level development program. I have seen him push my son to new levels in his intensive workouts covering ball handling, footwork, shooting, offensive and defensive movement, also his physical stamina and mental approach to the game increased tremendously due to Coach Kent's training sessions.  Coach Kent's vast knowledge of the different levels basketball (high school, college & Pro) has been an invaluable source of information and direction to us as parents as we strive to help our son reach his highest potential.” 

Will & Tonya Reed

“I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the instructions, discipline, attention to detail, knowledge, professionalism, and fundamental direction my son TRE is receiving from the staff at NEXT LEVEL 24. My son recently turned 8 years old and is headed to the third grade in the fall and he in fact lacked a little confidence in his game. Working with Jason Kent, Jeff Altman and Dave Esterkamp, Tre's confidence is soaring and his game and skill level has improved. I recommend any parent who wants their child to improve their game young or old to contact Coach Jason Kent. The basketball clinics provide positive reinforcement, goals for improvements, and the staff gives the kids plenty of drills to increase work ethic and ball skills.” 

Adam Dowdell

“With all the options available to parents these days, I'm glad I chose Jason Kent to train with my son. More importantly, my son felt the sessions helped take his game to the "next level". We'll be back for more sessions. I've already recommended Coach Kent to other parents looking for quality instruction. See ya soon Coach!” 

Mark Gierhahn

“Jason Kent is a great coach and trainer! He has been working with my daughter for the last two years and I can definitely see an improvement in her skills as a basketball player. She always enjoys the training sessions and looks forward to going to them. Coach Kent has given her the confidence and direction she needs to be the best player she can be on the court. I would highly recommend him as a trainer.” 

Susan Rodin

“Coach Kent introduced himself to me at a Tinley Park high school girls’ basketball game while watching my daughter Diamond Beatty play.  Coach Kent expresses his desire to elevate Diamond's skills and prepare her for college basketball. Well he did just that! Diamond received a full scholarship to Tennessee State University. Thanks so much Coach!” 

Darren Beatty

“Jason, what can I say about this guy, he's the best personal trainer Jonaie has had. She plays for her AAU team Chicago Hoops Express and her middle school team she has learned a lot from the time she has been with him. The first day she started with him, we were so impressed that I locked her in his training program for twelve sessions the next day. Then I told a friend about him and his son has been going ever since.  I really don't recommend people to someone but he is a very special guy. He teaches the little things and explains everything to her. She's always asking me “when do I go back to Coach Jason” and for her to ask, means that she believes in him and his training. Some of things that he taught her, she says that "she has used them in her game and they work.” Jason you are the greatest … keep up the great work, you are truly a great teacher of the game.” 

Terry & Jennifer Dowdy

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